Been There...

I have BEEN there! I know your struggle. I know your heartache. I know your desires. I know...I've been there.

For six weeks now, I have been writing a weekly blog posted every Saturday called, Singles Saturday. It was originally posted on my daily devotional blog, Note to Self: Daily Reminders from God. But I wanted a special place just for you. You can count on finding a post here each week to help you get your dating game back on track...the right track!

I also write a relationship blog, Relationship Revival. And sometimes what I suggest for couples is applicable for singles, too. If and when that’s the case, I’ll simply copy and paste the article over here for your chewing pleasure.

Every piece of advice I offer is based on pure experience that has worked...and not worked! And as much as I hate to admit this, it's probably more for the single woman than it is for the single man, although I do have some candid suggestions for men on the prowl, too.

My ideas are based on Godly principles, and I'm not ashamed to say that these ideas will get you further than ANY OTHER worldly suggestions out there. I say that because I know what works, and doesn't work. I've had over 100 relationships--yes, you read that right--in my short 43 years. Even if we use 100 as my number, which I'd say is still a bit low, that would give me 2 relationships per year for every year of my life, starting at one!

But if you’re thinking now, “Oh gees, I don’t want to get sucked into any Kool Aid cult by subscribing to this ‘religious’ blog,” don’t worry. For one, I’m not “religious.” I’m real and raw in my beliefs, because God calls us to be that way. Next, most of my advice isn’t merely scriptural as it is wisdom from someone who’s been there. Although I do discuss scriptures from time to time, my absolute focus is for you—the single—to be well educated, informed and equipped to be an all around better person so you can find the absolute perfect person for you.

Here’s another hint that I’m not religious: On top of those 100+ relationships, I've also been married three times before my current (number 4) marriage. By the Catholic rules, I would have been ousted a long time ago. Thank God—quite literally—that He is gracious, forgiving and merciful! If He weren’t, I’d have been given a one-way ticket to hell by now, and then what would be the use, right? So even if you’ve ever thought, I’ve gone too far, God’s a distant figure for me and my life, I’m here to prove to you that is NOT the case.

Anyway…I digress.

You will learn through my own mistakes how to avoid making your own mistakes! That is my goal. But if you think it's too late for that, think again. I survived, and I'm now in the healthiest relationship in my life! However, it took 100+ relationships and 3 failed marriages to get here. I'd give anything to protect you from what I've gone through.  

I've played all the games. I know all the tricks. I know all the lines. I know all the stupid things women do (so men, this could be a nice lesson for you to finally get into our head and understand us a bit more). I’ve been in abusive relationships, I’ve dated rock stars, I’ve cheated on my boyfriends, and have been cheated on; I’ve been put on a pedestal and then knocked down more times than I care to admit.

In the end, though, I finally realized what the real problem was. It wasn’t the men I was dating—although that was a big part of it—it was the men I was choosing! Men I chose. Get it? I was my biggest obstacle in finding a good guy. I was my own worst enemy when it came to finding the man of my dreams. And I absolutely believe with all my heart and soul, especially by just looking all around me, that most of you, too, are the main reason most of your relationships fail. If you think I’m full of it…just follow along. I’ve already had women say to me that when they read my story, they feel as if I’m telling their own.

I pray that you will receive a revelation in your life about who you are and what’s holding you back from finding the person of your dreams. I’d love to offer you a money back guarantee, but then again, you’re getting my advice for free. I do know that if you truly follow the action plans given to you, that you won’t be sorry and you will soon discover a whole new person underneath all the “stuff” you’ve been hiding even from yourself. And soon…so will the person you’ve been dreaming of your whole life.