Monday, October 17, 2011

5 Ways to Impress Her without Breaking the Bank

They say talk is cheap, but what about dating? In this day and age it can cost $30 just to pick up your date. Whatever you do, resist the urge to tell her to meet you at the corner bus stop. There are easier ways to impress that new twinkle in your eye without breaking the bank.
  1. Think Outside of the Restaurant: Dinner is always a nice date, but it can be expensive even if you’re considering the new options of “$20 for 2, including an appetizer.” Sorry, pal, that will make you appear cheap. Instead, why not impress her with a homemade picnic. Pack some simple foods like pasta salad, Italian bread and some fancy cheese, along with a $5 bottle of wine (she’ll never know if you remember to take that red price tag off!).
  2. Freebies: Museums and art galleries are a fun way to get to know the tastes of your future love interest, but they can be incredibly costly. Search for deals online, or go their websites for “free days.” Some galleries and museums are actually free. They may not be enormous and fancy, but they are still…free!
  3. Judge the Book by the Cover: Take that sweetie to a local book store and play this simple game: Tell her to go pick out her three favorite books, and you do the same. Hurry up, though, because you are going to buy her a nice chocolately dessert at the café. (Women can’t resist chocolate, even on dates!) When she meets you back at the café with her books, ask her questions about why she enjoyed them so much. You’ve just shown two things: 1. you care about what she cares about; 2. you can listen. Those two things will take you far.
  4. Show the Know: Listen up! No, really…listen up. Pay close attention to what she’s saying: what her likes and dislikes are before your first date. Try to base your date around her interests, even if they’re not interesting to you. You may learn a thing or two, and that’s highly impressive!
  5. Don’t Be Cheap: Whatever you do, don’t show her that you’re cheap. You may be trying to cut corners, but please, Man, don’t ask her to chip in for the date! Instead, be a class act and pay for everything. Yes, I mean everything. If she offers, refuse! You might as well get used to it, because if you’re looking for a long-term relationship she will find unique ways to get what she wants.

Nothing will ever really be cheap, but you can always impress for less just by being a stand-up guy. These five tips are great suggestions on cutting corners in today’s economy, but the reality is women want a good guy who pays attention, is romantic, and cares. Anything after that is like chocolate icing on a chocolate cake (you’re the chocolate cake, by the way).

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